oh the nerves!

Welcome everyone!

I don’t know why I am so nervous about writing this first post here today. I feel like I have been writing on blogs for so long that this should be natural. From Xanga to here, I know I am no stranger to this world.

I guess what I am a stranger to is how strongly I wanted to make this blog and how personal I know I am going to get here. So before I get too wordy, I am going to keep this short and sweet. (yeah right)

I want this space to be about me and you. One thing that being a mom has taught me is to learn to lean on others (and that you will become obsessed with another humans shit, literally) During my pregnancy and even now, I turned to blogs for everything. There is nothing like the overload of info to make a first time mom feel so inadequate, but it is also reassuring to know that even your craziest searches will yield some result, so you know you’re not alone. I want this space to be fun, about my journey, a place for comfort and uncomfortable truths. A place I review products, and a place I will go on about how I wish I could live a minimal lifestyle (my friends who know me, you can laugh now)

So, heres to this journey with my partner in crime, Aydin, who you will meet in the next post. So join me and I am also here for you and the new ventures many of you will have and support you in the ones some of you already do. I cannot wait to be inspired and share that inspo here. Thanks for stopping by and if you would like go ahead and follow this blog by clicking on the sidebar. If you are on your phone, which is probably everyone just scroll down below and you will see the link 🙂

Here’s a picture to melt your hearts in the meantime, this face always melts mine


 magic is what you are; magic is what we will create


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